1. Import Your Content

Blissbook is set up so you can easily copy/paste your content in. You can create new sections by clicking the blue "+" icon that shows up on the left side of the screen, next to the nav, when you hover over an existing section. Need help with this?

If you need help importing your content, contact us! We can import and design your handbook at a very reasonable cost. We'll even do a training session with you and your team so you're empowered to maintain it.

2a. Design Your Handbook

Contact us, we can help!

2b. Optional: Customize Your Notifications

After you publish for the first time, you'll probably want to notify employees about your handbook, either to invite them or to remind them about it. Sometimes, these notifications can't be customized at the very moment the message is sent. Fear not, you can still customize what goes out!

Click the • • • in the top right corner of Blissbook, then choose Emails. You can change the branding, who emails come from, add a custom email server, customize your email templates, and even set up automated reminders.

3. Import Your Employees

Not too many employees? Add 'em a few at a time on your People page by clicking the Add People button. To get to your People page, click the • • • in the top right corner of Blissbook, then choose People.

Have a lot of employees and ok with importing your list manually? Create your .csv employee list file and import it on your People page by clicking the Import People button.

Want to automate this? Create your employee list file and then set up an automated employee sync via FTPS/HTTPS or through a BambooHR integration.

Note: Employees will NOT get a notification or email if you put them into Blissbook before you publish a handbook because Blissbook only sends a notification to someone if there is something they can actually access. If your handbook is not published, viewers have nothing to access.

4a. Optional: Set up Single Sign-On (SSO)

You have a number of SSO options with Blissbook! Here's how to set up your Single Sign-On. Don't worry if you don't have SSO - employees can sign in via a special link sent to their email address. There are no passwords to remember! If your SSO provider isn't listed, contact us and we'll add it.

4b. Optional: Use a Custom Domain

Want the link to your handbook to be something employees will immediately recognize? Set up a custom domain.

5. Launch!

Click the blue Publish button in the top left corner of Blissbook to open your publishing options and get ready to publish! You'll be able to choose whether or not to start a signature round and whether or not to send a notification email to employees. You can even customize your notification!

The URL for your handbook will be https://subdomain.blissbook.com.


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