Your handbook probably has what we'd call "case-specific" content. Text, usually legal language, that most employees don't really care about or want to read for 98% of their time at your company. But when they need it, it's gotta be there! With Blissbook, you can hide this content behind a button (it's still always available via search).

You can enable these buttons via the Read More Tag, which is the right-most button in the editor toolbar:

FYI, you can only have 1 Read More Tag per section, so the button will be grayed-out/disabled if you're already using it.

After you add one, it will look similar to this:

To read the content underneath your Read More tag, employees will have to click a button. You can customize the text of your button in the Branding section of the content management system. When you're on the Content tab of your handbook, click Branding at the top of the left nav.

Because the content behind your Read More button is initially hidden from employees, they'll have to click a checkbox when signing their acknowledgement that says they understand this content is a part of your handbook.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, let us know!

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