The Blissbook system sends emails to employees on your behalf for a few reasons:

  1. To send an invitation, either to view and/or sign a handbook or to edit a handbook
  2. To remind someone that they need to view and/or sign a handbook
  3. To send an optional, customizable email when you publish changes
  4. To send a special link they can click to sign in

These emails are sent by Blissbook's SMTP server via Mandrill (a transactional email service by MailChimp). Note: If you want to use your own servers/domain to send email, please contact our support team.

The focus of this article is to help you optimize your settings and IT setup so that Blissbook system emails are delivered successfully to your employees.

The options described below are available on your Email Settings page. Click the • • • menu in the top right of Blissbook, then click Emails, then in the nav on the left side of the screen, click Settings.

*** Using Blissbook's SMTP Servers ***

You may need to whitelist Blissbook so that emails will go through.

Using Mimecast?

If your company uses Mimecast, a greylisting policy is likely in place for all incoming email as Mimecast adds this policy by default. This policy will delay all email from new IP addresses. In our experience, this means email sent through Blissbook gets delayed about 15 minutes before it is actually delivered to an employee's inbox.

This can be problematic at worst and annoying at best for employees who are waiting on an email that contains a link to log in.

The best way to eliminate this delay is for your IT department to add a Permitted Senders Policy in Mimecast for Blissbook. Follow the instructions here and use these settings:

  • Choose "The Return Address (Mail Envelope From)" or "Both" in the Emails From dropdown.
  • For the Sender characteristics, choose Email Domain and then enter

Adding this policy should take about 5 minutes for IT. If you have any questions, please let us know or read Mimecast's help article.

Whitelisting by Domain

If you are whitelisting email from Blissbook, we highly recommend you whitelist by email address or domain rather than by IP address. It is more restrictive and less fragile.

All Blissbook system emails come from This is the Message From Address (Message Header From). You can whitelist by the entire address or all email that comes from

The return path domain is Some systems (e.g. Mimecast, see above) describe this as the Return Address (Mail Envelope From).

Whitelisting by IP Address

Blissbook does not have a dedicated IP address because we do not yet send the volume of email required to make a dedicated IP address trustworthy.

Because we don't have a dedicated IP, whitelisting by IP is not recommended as our shared IPs (through Mandrill) may change without notice. You would also be whitelisting all mail from Mandrill instead of only Blissbook mail. If whitelisting by IP is your only option, here are the IPv4 addresses to use:

ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:

Although we will try our best to keep this IP list up-to-date, this IP range may change. You can check Mandrill for the most up-to-date IP information in the TXT record for - in a Mac or Linux terminal, use the following command: 

dig TXT

More information is available in the Mandrill help article

*** Custom Sending Domain ***

Granting Blissbook permission to send email using your own domain can be beneficial for a few different reasons:

  1. You don't have to whitelist an outside domain to ensure emails get through.
  2. Employees will trust the emails they're receiving because they come from your domain.
  3. It may be easier for emails to get through if you're using a system like Proofpoint or Mimecast.

If you'd like to set up a custom sending domain, please contact our support team. There may be an added cost for this service.

*** Changing Your "From/Reply-To" Name & Email Address ***

You can change the Name and Email Address that Blissbook system emails come from. This makes it easy for employees to trust these emails.

When changing your Name make sure you use something employees will recognize:

If you're using Blissbook's SMTP servers, email will always come from However, you can change the Reply-To email address so that if an employee replies to an email they receive, it will go directly to you:

Some email clients do not respect this setting. In these cases, replies to your emails sent through Blissbook will come through to our support desk. If this happens, we will forward the emails to the address you've designated in this setting.

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