Once your handbook is published, it's accessible by everyone with permission to view it at https://yoursubdomain.blissbook.com

If you're wondering what to do now, here are some options.

Collect Signatures

You can watch (by refreshing your browser) the views and signatures roll in via your Documentation Center. From within the editor, click Documentation in the top left corner of Blissbook.

Make sure you open up the handbook and view/sign it yourself. Click where it says Version 1 at the very top of Blissbook next to the title of your handbook to do that.

And because there are always a few stragglers, you can send reminders to people from your Documentation Center. Just hover over an employee's row and then click the 1-Click Reminder/Reinvite button. You can also remind everyone who still has some work left to do by clicking Remind Everyone under the Bulk Actions menu. Make sure you give your employees some time - a whole handbook can be a lot to take in!

Make Changes

You can edit your handbook anytime! Just make your changes on the Content tab of your handbook and then click the blue "Publish..." button again.

Automate Your Employee Sync

Want to make it easy to keep your employee list up-to-date? If you aren't using our BambooHR integration, you should check out how to sync your employees via FTP or HTTPS.

If you need any help, contact our support team!

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