It's really important to provide employees with a way to get help if they have questions about a piece of content or if they have an HR issue. Not only does this mitigate risk, it's just a nice thing to do.

Thankfully your Blissbook handbook has a built-in interface element to help with this. It's the Get Help button! When you're looking at a published handbook, hover over the blue MENU button in the top right:

Once you hover, the whole menu will pop out. The first item in the menu is Get Help:

If an employee clicks that, a modal pops up to tell them how to get help:

Customize Your "Get Help" Content

In the editor, the left side of your screen is a bunch of bars that represent your handbook's navigation or table of contents. If you hover over that, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see "Help Content":

Click it!

Once there, you can edit the text like you would any other section of your handbook. We recommend adding a name, email address, and phone number so your employees always know who to talk to if they have an issue or a question.

FYI, when you edit this content, your changes are saved automatically as you go along.

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