• Install Blissbook within Okta
  • Integrate Okta within Blissbook
  • Test Integration

Install Blissbook within Okta

1 - Go to the “Add Application” page and search for “blissbook’. Click Add.

2 - Enter your Blissbook subdomain (e.g. enter “acme” if your Blissbook account is at https://acme.blissbook.com) and click Next.

3 - Assign SSO Blissbook to people within your organization. Ensure that the Username for each person is their email address that they use within Blissbook.

4 - Open the SAML 2.0 Setup Instructions by clicking the “Sign On” tab and clicking “View Setup Instructions”. NOTE: We have obfuscated the values for privacy purposes. NOTE: This should be the default in Okta.

Integrate Okta within Blissbook

1 - In Blissbook, navigate to the Single Sign-On settings (click the • • • menu in the very top right corner of Blissbook, choose Settings, then click Security in the left-side menu), click Enable SSO, then click the Okta button.

2 - Copy the values from the “How to Configure SAML 2.0 for Blissbook” to Blissbook thusly:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL → SSO URL
  • Identity Provider Issuer → Issuer
  • X.509 Certificate → X.509 Certificate

3 - Click “Install Okta SSO.”

Test Integration

1 - Sign out of Blissbook (click the • • • menu in the top right corner, then choose Sign Out).

2- Go to the sign in page for your organization: http://subdomain.blissbook.com/sign-in where subdomain is your organization’s subdomain within Blissbook.

3 - Click the Okta Sign In button, then follow any authentication steps within Okta. After that, you should be signed into Blissbook.

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