Each handbook/document in Blissbook within your organization can have a custom/vanity domain associated with it.

To set up a custom domain, go to your company's domain registrar (e.g. Network Solutions, NameCheap, etc.) and create a CNAME record (e.g. handbook.yourcompany.com) that associates to: domains.blissbook.com

Once complete, open the Links & Custom Domains drawer for your handbook:

Then click the Add a Custom Domain link, enter the CNAME record you just created, and click Save.

Blissbook will validate your CNAME record is set up correctly before allowing you to add your custom domain.

Note: On a private handbook, your employees will be auto-forwarded to your subdomain.blissbook.com URL. Most employees don't notice, but the URL in the browser's address bar will change when your sign in page or handbook is loaded. We have to do this because your employees have a secure (https) connection to your private handbook, and the only way that connection can be secured is via a certificate installed on a domain that we control (blissbook.com).

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