Does your handbook have content that only applies to a specific subset of its audience? Or do you currently maintain multiple handbooks to account for slight differences in content for different groups of employees? Maybe your Acknowledgement Form has slight variations depending on state or country?

With Personalized Content, you can put everything in one place. Whether you have a big addendum, a single policy, or even just a block of content within a section, we've got you covered.

Edit everything in one place and put a stop to editing the same content in multiple different documents. Make it easy for audience members to find content that's relevant to them – they can find whatever they need in one document/handbook.

Here's how.

Set Up Groups

There are 2 ways to add people to groups:

  1. One-by-one in someone's person details panel: Click ORGANIZATION in the main nav, click the person's row to show their details, then click the pencil icon that shows up when you hover over GROUPS. You can choose from existing groups or create new ones.

  2. Add groups to your employee list sync file and import them all together.

A group can represent anything you want. The most popular use is location, since many laws and thus policies may differ by the state or country an employee is in. Other uses include: manager vs non-manager, corporate office vs warehouse, full-time vs part-time vs temp/intern, employee vs contract, departments, divisions, pay levels, brand or subdivision, etc.

Restrict Access

Chapters & Sections

Once people are in Groups, you can restrict access to content based on those Groups. For a chapter header or an individual section, click the • • • menu in the top right corner, then choose "Limit Access":

Use the options to limit access as you'd like:

In this example, we've chosen to show this section (aka policy) to audience members in California who are NOT part-time.

To test out your setup and make sure people are only seeing what they're supposed to see, click the Preview button (next to the Publish... button in the editor) to open a preview of your handbook. At the very top of the screen, you'll see a dropdown menu of your employees and the groups they're in. You can preview your handbook as different employees to ensure the right people are seeing the right content.

Blocks of Content

You can also limit access to blocks of content within a policy. This has 2 great use cases:

  • Most of a policy applies to everyone, with only a small snippet of content that's specific for a certain group.

  • Manager-only content. Add guidance for managers to a policy so they know how to help their staff.

To set this up, highlight a block of text and click the Limit Access lock icon in the editor toolbar:

This opens the same query builder shown above.

Need Help?

If you need help setting this up, please contact our support team.

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