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Editing Your Handbook
Add Links to Your Handbook
Add Links to Your Handbook

Link to your HRIS, intranet, payroll system, etc., to an email address, or internally to another section of your handbook

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It's easy to link to other things that live on the internet! Just highlight the text you'd like to be your link, and then either press CTRL+K (Windows) or CMD+K (Mac) or click the link button in the toolbar.

You can then add a URL, an email address, or just start typing the name of another section in your handbook to create an in-handbook link.

Pro tip: You can link to a form or a file (e.g. a word doc or pdf) by uploading that file to your cloud storage platform of choice (e.g. dropbox, drive, onedrive, sharepoint, etc.). This means (1) you can update the file anytime you want – just keep the filename/location the same – without requiring an update to your handbook, and (2) your file remains on your IT-approved network, which is better for security.

To edit an existing link, just hover over the link and an input box filled in with the current URL, email address, or section will appear.Β 

If your link is to a URL or an email address, you can simply click into the box, edit your link as needed, and then click the check mark to save.

If your link is to another section of your handbook, click the pencil icon to clear the box and enter a new link.

Link to Another Blissbook Document

To link to another document, open the Live version of it and copy the link from the URL in your browser's address bar. The Exact URL link is also available in each document's Links panel. To open your Links panel, hover over your document on your HOME page, click the green arrow button next to View, then choose "Links".

Link to a Specific Section from another Blissbook Document

Although linking to another section within the same Blissbook document is easy, linking to a section within a different Blissbook document is a little more work. Here's how to do it:

  • Open the document with the section you want to link TO.

  • Open the document's table of contents (click the TOC button next to the search box).

  • Click the section you want to link to.

  • The document will scroll to the section, and the URL in your browser's address bar will change to have a #section-12345 tag at the end of it. Select this URL and copy it.

  • Create a link (see above) within the document you want to link FROM, and paste the link in.

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