Your handbook probably has what we'd call "case-specific" content. Text, usually legal language, that most of your audience members (aka employees) don't really care about or want to read for 98% of their time at your company. But when they need it, it's gotta be there! With Blissbook, you can hide this content behind a button (it's still always available via search).

You can enable these buttons via the Read More Tag, which is a button towards the right side of the editor toolbar:

FYI, you can only have 1 Read More Tag per section, so the button will be grayed-out/disabled if you're already using it.

After you add one, it will look similar to this:

To read the content underneath your Read More tag, audience members will have to click a button.

You can customize the text of your button in the Branding panel. Toggle your table of contents to show your branding panel instead (bottom left corner of the editor):

Because the content behind your Read More button is initially hidden from audience members, they'll have to click a checkbox when signing their acknowledgement that says they understand this content is a part of the handbook.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, let us know!

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