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Everything you need to know about the different email content that goes out to employees

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To edit your email templates, click Email Automation in the menu at the left side of the screen, then choose the Invitations & Reminders tab. Your templates will be in 2 different sections:

  • Automated Invitations

  • Manual Reminders

When are these templates used?

1) When someone gains new access to a handbook:

  • If you add someone directly to a handbook either in the audience drawer or you add someone to your organization who then gains access to a handbook via their membership in said organization.

  • Via a .csv employee list upload or through an employee list sync integration. Note: you can turn automated invitations OFF on this Invitations & Reminders page.

2) When you click a 1-Click Reminder or 1-Click Reinvite button in your Documentation Center

3) When you click the Remind All button in the Documentation Center

The Templates You can Edit


Invitations are sent to employees when they first gain access to a handbook. Invitations are sent if an employee has not yet received any emails about the handbook through Blissbook.

  • Invitation to View

  • Invitation to Sign


Reminders are sent to employees who have already been invited to a handbook. If an employee has already received an invitation, they're going to get a reminder.

  • Reminder to View

  • Reminder to Sign

Blissbook automatically figures out whether someone should get the View template or the Sign template, based on whether or not they have an open signature round.

Pssst, did you know you can automate your reminder emails?

Pro-tip: Use the variables tag to make creating emails easier:

Once you select your variable you can see that in your email template draft:

Bonus: When Publishing

Any time you publish a handbook/document, you have the option to send a notification email. This is a great way to:

  • Tell employees that new content is available or that a policy changed

  • Tell other editors that you changed content

To customize these emails, click the blue Customize link within the publishing workflow. Don't forget to edit the subject too!

Note on variables: Most of the variables pictured above are only available in template emails. When you're publishing changes, starting a new signature round, etc., you have the email right in front of you and can change it as you'd like. You don't need a variable for the document name as you can just type it directly. This is why you will see fewer variables options in these types of emails.

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