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If you're interested in printing your handbook or turning it into a PDF, this is the article for you.

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All print versions of your handbook include a table of contents with page numbers, plus a footer that includes the version being printed, the page number, and the date that version was published.

There are 2 ways to print your handbook to a PDF.

Within the Admin Portal

On your home screen, click the more menu for either the Draft version of a handbook or the Live version, then choose Print the Preview (Draft) or Print (Live). Here's what the Live menu looks like:

Within a Live Handbook or a Preview

The live version of a handbook (and its preview) has a Print to PDF option under the blue MENU circle (top right). Hover over where it says MENU and the options will appear.

This Print to PDF option is available to anyone looking at the live version of your handbook (or its preview), including employees.

FYI, the PDF of a handbook's preview will include a DRAFT watermark.

Printing Old Versions

If you need to print an old version of a handbook, you'll first need to open the version you want to print.

To open an old version, click the version you want from the View version history menu item within the more menu for a Live handbook: 

Once you have the version open, hover over the blue MENU circle and choose Print to PDF.

The version you're printing will appear on the cover page and in a footer at the bottom of each page.

Do you need to print a specific person or audience's document?

The best way to do this is to:

  1. Find a person in your org who represents the group(s) you're trying to print in your doc center. You can do this under the "Employee List" tab in the EMPLOYEES menu.

  2. Click on their name

  3. In the details panel that opens to the right, click the "view XYZ's Employee Handbook" under WHAT XYS SEES

  4. Once it opens, print to PDF using the MENU bubble in the top right corner

All done! Let us know if you have questions!

Are You Trying to Share Your Handbook with a Stakeholder?

If you're printing the handbook because you're trying to share it with someone before you publish, there's a better way! Check out this help article.

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