Creating New Content

How to add a policy, section, or chapter to your handbook.

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Creating new content is easy!

When you hover your mouse over a section, you'll see a blue "+" button appear to the bottom-left of that section. Click it and you'll see this menu:

(when the menu is open the "+" rotates to be an "x")

If you don't see the blue "+" button, it's because the section your hovering over is taller than your browser window. Just scroll down to the end of it and you'll see the button.

From the menu, choose the type of section you'd like to add, and then type away! Need help deciding which section type to choose?

Creating Chapters

Header sections and Text sections have a special parent-child relationship. Any Text section that follows a Header section (or follows a Text section that follows a Header section and so on) will belong to that Header. This means 2 things:

  1. In the navigation and table of contents, the Text section will be indented and will visually look like it belongs to the Header section.

  2. If you limit access on the Header section (see Personalized Content) it will limit access to the entire chapter, including all Text Sections within it.

  3. If you delete a Header section, you'll have the option to delete all of the Text sections within that Chapter.


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