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Publish Changes to Your Content
Publish Changes to Your Content

How to publish changes to your handbook to keep it up-do-date

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Now that your handbook is digital, it's easy to update. You can publish changes any time, as many times as you want. People viewing your handbook will always see the latest published version. You do not have to notify anyone or collect signatures when you publish.

Start the Publishing Process

From your home screen, either:

1. Click the gray Edit button for a handbook to go into the editor, then click the purple "Publish..." button.

Note: If you click the gray "Preview" button, you can see what your handbook will look like after you publish.

2. Next to the gray Edit button, click the gray menu button and choose Publish.

Note: If you choose the "Preview" option, you can see what your handbook will look like after you publish.

Every time you publish, you'll be walked through what you'd like to do:

  1. What content to publish

  2. What changes you want to annotate

  3. Whether or not to send a notification email (and to whom)

These options are available every time you publish and you can always change them before you actually publish.

The final publishing screen is a confirmation page so you can be sure the exactly what you want to happen is what will happen. Read it! If anything looks off either go fix it or contact us for help.

Collecting Signatures

Publishing does not mean employees will be asked to sign a new acknowledgement. If you want to start a new signature round, there's a separate button for that.

If you plan on doing this, and you want to send a notification email, you should wait and send the email with the new signature round, as that email makes it clear to recipients that they need to view and sign an acknowledgement (not just view the changes).

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