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Automated Reminder Emails
Automated Reminder Emails

How to automate reminder emails to people who need to sign

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Blissbook does the work so you don't have toooooo!

Head to the Invitations & Reminders tab on your Organization's Email Automation page to set up Automated Reminders: Click EMAIL AUTOMATION in the side nav, choose the Invitations & Reminders tab, and look for the Automated Signature Reminders section:

Click that Add a Reminder button to add your first reminder. There are 3 steps:

  1. Set your reminder timing

  2. Customize the email template

  3. Choose who to CC (if anyone)

General Notes:

  • You can create as many reminders as you'd like

  • Reminders can be based on (A) when you requested a signature from someone or (B) someone's signature due date... we suggest you do not mix these 2; use one or the other for all reminders

  • Reminders will play nicely if someone's signature due date is changed

Once you set some up, it'll look like this:

If you want to change the timing of a reminder, simply add a new one and then delete the old one. To delete a reminder, click Edit and then the red Delete link.

Note: The checkbox next to a reminder needs to be checked for it to be "on". It will show up as a purple checkbox like you see above. A reminder will not be sent if that box is unchecked. This is so you can turn off reminders as you wish without deleting them.

Once your reminders are going out, you may need to turn them off for a particular person. You can toggle whether or not a particular person gets reminders on your Employee List (or Org Friends) page. Click EMPLOYEES in the side nav, click the person's row to show their details, then toggle the auto-reminders setting to OFF.

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