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Head to the Invitations & Reminders tab on your Organization's Email page to set up Automated Reminders: Click ORGANIZATION in the main nav at the top of the screen, click the email icon in the left nav, choose the Invitations & Reminders tab, and look for the Automated Signature Reminders section:

Click that Add a Reminder button to add your first reminder. There are 3 steps:

  1. Set your reminder timing

  2. Customize the email template

  3. Choose who to CC (if anyone)

General Notes:

  • You can create as many reminders as you'd like

  • Reminders can be based on (A) when you requested a signature from someone or (B) someone's signature due date... we suggest you do not mix these 2; use one or the other for all reminders

  • Reminders will play nicely if someone's signature due date is changed

Once you set some up, it'll look like this:

If you want to change the timing of a reminder, simply add a new one and then delete the old one. To delete a reminder, click Edit and then the red Delete link.

Once your reminders are going out, you may need to turn them off for a particular person. You can toggle whether or not a person gets reminders on your Org Members (or Org Friends) page. Click ORGANIZATION in the main nav, click the person's row to show their details, then toggle the auto-reminders setting to OFF.

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