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New Signature Rounds

How to ask your audience to sign a new acknowledgement (even if they've signed one before).

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Has it been a while? Or did you just publish a major policy update? Or do you need to collect signatures at a regular cadence? No problem! With Blissbook you can collect signatures from your audience anytime.

To do so, head to your Documentation page in the side menu and then click the New Signature Round button in the top right corner of the screen: 

Follow the prompts from there and contact our support team if you have any questions.

Once you have a new signature round, Blissbook will track what employees sign and your documentation center progress bars will be updated so you can easily fill any gaps as you strive for 100% coverage.


If an employee has multiple documents to sign, when they sign one of them, they'll see a prompt that lists all the documents they still need to sign. They can click a document there to quickly cycle through everything they need to sign.

Specific Person

Do you need to start a signature round for a single individual? Maybe you're maintaining your employee list manually and have a rehire?

When you're creating your signature round, change the "Who needs to sign?" tab to "Specific people", choose "Out of all..." from the dropdown, then specify the person who needs to sign by typing their name/email and choosing them from the auto-complete. When you get to the notification email step, it should say "Yes, tell 1 person they've got something to sign". If there's more than 1 person there, something's off! Contact our support team and we'll help.

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