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How does Blissbook's Pricing System Work?
How does Blissbook's Pricing System Work?

How Blissbook's Employee Seat pricing and subscription system works. Everything you need to know about billing.

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Blissbook's employee seat pricing and subscription system is designed for ease of use and fairness. Our goal is a system that scales up or down in an automated way that's trivial to maintain and fair for all parties.

With this system:

  • There's no maintenance. You don't need to log in and add seats when you make a hire or buy more than you need in anticipation. Conversely, you don't need to remove seats when an employee leaves your company. It's all automated.

  • You won't pay for people who don't have access to Blissbook (people who've left your company or who've yet to join).

  • You only pay for what you use.

  • It's ok that you can't predict the future.

For all these benefits, we admit the system can be a little confusing in practice!

Employee Seat Credits

Blissbook's pricing is based on a pre-purchase of employee seat credits. Current employee seat pricing is available on Blissbook's pricing page or has been communicated directly with you via email, phone or an MSA.

How It Works

When you start your Blissbook subscription, you purchase the number of employee seats you think you'll need for a year. 1 employee seat = access to 1 or more handbooks in Blissbook for 1 person for 1 year. Every day, Blissbook will deduct 1/365th of a seat for each person in your organization who can access a handbook.

When you run out of seats, your subscription renews with the estimated number of employee seats you'll need for another 1-year term (see "Renewal" below).

If you purchase 1000 seats and then average exactly 1000 employees for 365 days, your term will be exactly 365 days. As you can imagine, this rarely happens perfectly.

They're called "seats" because they work like seats in a theater. The big difference is that you can scale the number of seats you need on a daily basis based on your audience for that day.

Blissbook tracks the difference from your initial estimate and then either extends your subscription with the seats that you didn't use or renews your subscription earlier if you end up needing more employee seats than originally estimated.


Your subscription information is transparently tracked within your Blissbook account on your Subscription page:

Clicking the "Details" button will show you more information about the Renewal Date:

You can further dig in to the details on the Ledger & History tabs.

Renewal & Notifications

Blissbook automatically calculates a growth rate for your renewal subscription term based on your growth rate from the previous term and uses this information to estimate what's needed to make the renewal term last about 1 year. 

Blissbook does this so you don't have to make another guess and request seats manually. It happens automatically to make it easy on you and on us.

All Admins (or whomever you define) receive notification emails before a subscription is renewed. One is sent 30 days before, another is sent 7 days before, and another is sent on the day of renewal.

Account Admins have the power to manually override Blissbook's automatic suggestion and choose the exact amount to purchase for the upcoming term. The notifications described above provide a link to the subscription page so Admins can make any changes before the subscription renewal happens. If you forget and want to change something, just contact our support team and we'll fix it for you, even if your subscription has already renewed.


There are no tricks, surprises, baits-and-switches, or gotchas here. We are just trying to automate the process in a fair way so neither of us has to worry about micro-managing employee seats or subscription terms.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our support team.

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