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Okta SSO Integration Guide
Okta SSO Integration Guide

Are you an Okta customer? Install Blissbook as an application within Okta so employees can use their Okta account to sign in to Blissbook.

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  • Install Blissbook within Okta

  • Integrate Okta within Blissbook

  • Test Integration

A) Install Blissbook within Okta

A1 - Go to the “Add Application” page and search for “blissbook’. Click Add.

A2 - Enter your Blissbook subdomain (e.g. enter “acme” if your Blissbook account is at and click Next.

A3 - Assign SSO Blissbook to people within your organization. Ensure that the Username for each person is their email address that they use within Blissbook.

NOTE: You may use Employee ID instead of Email Address as the Okta username. This prevents login issues due to changed email addresses and is overall a more reliable way to look up users. We are working on updating this documentation. In the mean time, please contact us at and we'll provide you with instructions.

A4 - Open the SAML 2.0 Setup Instructions by clicking the “Sign On” tab and clicking “View Setup Instructions”.


  • We have obfuscated the values for privacy purposes.

  • This should be the default in Okta.

  • You do not need to actually Send an email to Blissbook, keep reading for where you'll paste these values.

B) Integrate Okta within Blissbook

B1 - In Blissbook, navigate to your Account Settings. Click SETTINGS in the side nav, then look for the Authentication section. Click the Enable SSO button on the right side, then choose Okta.

B2 - Copy the setup instructions (the values from step 4 of the above "Install Blissbook within Okta" section) into Blissbook like this:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-on URL → SSO URL

  • Identity Provider Issuer → Issuer

  • X.509 Certificate → X.509 Certificate

B3 - Choose what field to use as an Okta username. We recommend Employee ID (see note in step A3 above). Please contact us at for help with this.

B4 - Click “Install Okta SSO.”

C) Test Integration

C1 - Sign out of Blissbook (click your name in the top right corner of Blissbook, then choose Sign Out).

C2- Go to the sign in page for your organization: where subdomain is your organization’s subdomain within Blissbook.

C3 - Click the Okta Sign In button, then follow any authentication steps within Okta. After that, you should be signed into Blissbook. Contact us if you have any trouble.

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