Yes! Blissbook supports employee populations without email addresses who may or may not use a shared kiosk workstation/computer. Support comes from 3 complementary features:

Username+Password Sign-In

Users may sign in to view and sign their acknowledgement form using a username and password instead of an email address. 

Include a username and default password on your employee list sync file and employees can use those credentials to sign in. They'll be prompted to create their own password after signing in and you can always reset someone's password back to the default. You can set password strength requirements, provide hints for usernames and passwords, and define support information so employees know how to get help if they're having trouble signing in.

Coming soon: Employees can reset their password themselves via SMS text.

Kiosk Mode

Improve security and ease-of-use for employees using a shared computer. Kiosk Mode ensures signature data integrity by automatically signing users out of Blissbook after they sign their acknowledgement or after a period of inactivity.

Note: May not be compatible with Single Sign On. If you have a mixed population of kiosk & non-kiosk or email & username employees, please contact us.

Manager Digest

Ease your administrative burden by automatically sending weekly reminders to managers who need to remind specific employees to sign their acknowledgement form. Just like our Manager Participation functionality, Manager Digests allow you to partner with "the business" to complete your policy compliance work and mitigate risk. The nagging is no longer all on you!


  • Managers must have an email address on file in Blissbook to receive their digest
  • Manager participation (you must tell us who people's managers are)
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