When you add a teammate in Blissbook, you have a chance to give them a role:

  • Owner

  • Tech

  • Reporting

  • Editor

  • Billing

These roles control permissions for what the person can see or do in Blissbook.

  • Your IT team can help set everything up and you don't need to worry about them editing policies.

  • Your employee relations or auditing team can view/print documentation on employee signatures without being able to edit policies.

  • Your finance team can view invoices or change the credit card on file without having access to anything else.

  • Writers can help you maintain content without being distracted by everything else in Blissbook. 

Here are the specifics on permissions for each role:

Note: Let's clarify what "partial" means under View Launch Checklist

  • Tech admins can only view the tasks related to the settings or pages they have access to view and/or edit. These are: links & custom domains; authentication & SSO; email sending accounts; employee list sync.

  • Editor admins can view all tasks, but may not edit organization-level settings (e.g. SSO, signature reminders, employee list sync, etc.). They also may not edit the custom domain.

If you have any questions about how roles work in Blissbook, please contact us.

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