Need help working on something in Blissbook? There are 2 main ways to add a fellow admin, depending on what they need access to. You can add a collaborator to an individual handbook/document or you can add a teammate at the organization level, which will give them admin rights across your entire organization (all your organization settings + all handbooks/documents).

Add a Collaborator

If you need help on a single individual handbook/document, add a collaborator. To get started, open the Collaborate panel for that handbook. There's a few different ways to do this:

1. From the launch checklist (top right corner):

2. From your home screen (after you hover over the handbook/document):

3. Post-launch, from within the editor (top right corner):

On this panel, you'll see the existing collaborators, which consists of all teammates (admins) on your entire organization, plus anyone who has been added individually. 

To add someone as a collaborator directly, click the "⊕ Add a Person" button at the bottom of this list. As you can read in the screenshot above, handbook collaborators have full admin permissions on an individual handbook.

If you want to restrict someone's permissions, you'll want to add them as an organization teammate instead.

Add a Teammate

To get started, go to your Teammates page. Either click the View/Edit button next to "Organization Teammates" in the Collaborate drawer (see screenshot above), or click ORGANIZATION in the main nav and then switch to the teammates tab.

Once there, click the Add a Teammate button:

If the person you are adding does not need full admin permissions to everything in your org, you can give them a non-owner role. Read this help article or click the Roles Help button on the teammates page for more information.

If you have any further questions, just ask!

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