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Add an Admin / Teammate / Collaborator
Add an Admin / Teammate / Collaborator

How to add a colleague, co-worker, or someone else to Blissbook to help you administer your handbook(s) and/or organization

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Need help working on something in Blissbook? There are 3 main ways to add a fellow admin, depending on what they need access to. You can add an admin at the organization level, which will give them admin rights to your organization settings that affect everything in your entire organization, add a teammate to give them access to manage that team’s documents and other assets, and/or add a collaborator to an individual handbook/document.

Add an Admin

To get started, click COLLABORATORS in the side nav. You'll start off on the ADMINS tab.

Once there, click the Add an Admin button:

After adding someone by either indicating their email or name, you’ll be asked to specify their role. Read this help article or click the Roles Help button for more information.

Org Admin privileges on their own do not grant someone access to any documents within your organization. Someone must be added to a Team, which owns your document(s), or directly to a document in order to gain that access.

Add a Teammate

To give someone access to a Team’s entire library, add a Teammate. There are 2 ways to do this. In either method, similar to adding an admin, you will be asked to choose a role for each Teammate. Read the same Roles help article for more information.

  1. In the side nav, click Team Management:

    This will open up to the TEAMMATES tab. Click the Add a Teammate button.

  2. Click COLLABORATORS in the side nav, then go to the TEAMMATES tab. Click the Add a Teammate button.

Add a Collaborator

If you need help on a single individual handbook/document, add a collaborator. Again, you will be asked to choose a role for each document Collaborator. Read the Roles help article for more information.

From your HOME screen (after you hover over the handbook/document), click the Share button:

Then click Add a Collaborator:

Note: If a document is unlaunched, you can also add collaborators from inside the launch checklist. Click the Sharing button in the top right corner to open the same Sharing drawer as above, and follow the same steps as described above.

Once you have added Collaborators, there are two ways to check who they are:

  1. On your HOME page, click the Team Management in the side nav:

    Switch to the COLLABORATORS tab to see everyone on the team who collaborators on individual documents:

  2. You can view all Collaborators on documents across your entire organization on the Document Collaborators tab within the Organization Collaborators part of your Organization. Click COLLABORATORS in the side nav, then switch to the DOCUMENT COLLABORATORS tab:

To put it simply, you can check all 3 admin users (org admin, teammate, and collaborator) under COLLABORATORS in the side nav > Org Collaborators.

Read more about these roles in 3 different levels in our Role-Based Access Control help article.

If you have any further questions, just ask!

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