Audience Dashboard

Your audience dashboard is what your users see when they go to your root domain and have access to more than one handbook or document.

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With Blissbook, you can easily create multiple handbooks or documents. Each has its own branding, audience, and link/URL.

This is great for unrelated documents, but what if an audience member (employee) has access to multiple documents? How do they access each document? Do they need to remember the link to each and every document? Enter the audience dashboard:

The Audience Dashboard shows a user all of the documents they have access to.


  • Users can search across documents to easily find the content they're looking for.

  • A "Signature Required" badge is displayed on documents that still require the user's signature, so they won't be confused about which documents they've signed and which they haven't.

  • If a user has unread annotations on any documents, that will be indicated.

  • If a user is a manager, and they have any direct reports who have not yet signed a document, that will be indicated.

How to Access?

All users who go to your root domain (i.e. will see the audience dashboard IF they have access to more than one document. Otherwise, they'll see that document.


You can set up the branding for your Audience Dashboard from within your Organization. Click VIEWING EXPERIENCE in the side nav.

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