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How to Upload Custom Fonts
How to Upload Custom Fonts

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Ensuring your document in Blissbook matches your own branding is important. Culture first is the name of the game! One way to ensure succinct branding is by adding the fonts you use on your website and other branded materials to Blissbook.

Here's how you upload or choose custom fonts in Blissbook:

  • From the home page click on one of your documents

  • Once in the editor click on the paintbrush in the bottom left hand corner

  • Choose which font you'd like to update: Heading Font, Body Font or Script Font

  • When you click on these a modal will pop up on the right side. From you here you can choose Google, System or Custom fonts!

You can also Customize Font Weights as well by clicking on the "Customize Font Weights" link.

Once done click the "X" in the top right. The fonts have already automatically saved! You're all done!

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