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Deleting Title Sections and Text Sections
Deleting Title Sections and Text Sections

How to delete title sections, text sections or entire chapters with the click of a button

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If you've been with Blissbook for awhile you may need to do some major updates. This can mean deleting old policies, sometimes even entire chapters. We've made this process easy!

To delete a single section or text box in Blissbook:

  • Click on the three dots of the text section you want to delete

  • In the drop down click the "Delete" option

When you hit that delete option a modal to the right will appear to confirm your deletion:

Hit that "Delete" button one more time and you're good to go!

To delete a chapter or title section in Blissbook:

Much like deleting a single section you can also delete title headers and chapters. You may just want to delete a title header but keep all the text and policies underneath it. Or you may want to throw out the baby with the bathwater and delete the whole kit and kaboodle. Either way - we've got a plan for that!

  • Click on the three dots in the chapter or chapter title you wish to delete.

  • Click on the "Delete" option in the dropdown

Once clicked a modal will pop out to the right. From here you have the option to delete the Title Header only or to delete the header AND all the text sections:

Be sure to choose the option that works best for you and your needs. Be careful! Once deleted there's no easy "undo" button!

Once you're sure, click that "Delete" button one more time and you're all done!

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