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Duplicating a Section or Chapter in Blissbook
Duplicating a Section or Chapter in Blissbook

Duplicate a section, duplicate title headers, duplicate chapters

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There's often times when you may need to duplicate a section, a header or even entire chapters. We've made this super easy for you to do!

To duplicate a text box:

Find the text box you wish to duplicate. Click on the three dots of that section and select "Duplicate":

Once you click duplicate the new text section will occur directly after the one you duplicated and will be titled the same. If your handbook is already published you'll be able to see the "sticky note" designating a change from the editor draft vs published handbook:

To duplicate a title header or chapter:

When duplicating a Title Header or Chapter you have some additional options you'll need to decide on. To duplicate a title head or chapter go into the editor and choose the section you'd like to duplicate.

Click on the three dots and then choose "duplicate" from the dropdown:

Once you click that Duplicate option a modal on the right hand side will appear. From there you'll choose to duplicate only the title header OR the entire chapter:

If you decide to duplicate the entire chapter (chapter header and all the children text sections) the new duplicated chapter will appear directly below the original one! You'll immediately be able to see it in your table of contents and editor.

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