So, you want to show your boss or someone else the Blissbook handbook you're working on, but you don't want them to deal with the editor or content management system. If you need to do this before you publish, you'll have to grant that person edit access.

You have 2 options. With either of these options, make sure you UNCHECK the "Notify people..." checkbox as you will send the link to the preview yourself later.

The options:

  1. Add the person as an Admin on your organization. To do this, click the • • • menu in the top right corner of Blissbook, then choose Groups. You'll start in the Admin group, so just click the Add People button and add the person you want to be able to preview the handbook.
  2. Grant the person View and Edit access to your handbook. With your handbook open, click the Sharing tab at the top of the screen, then the blue Edit button, add the person you want to be able to preview the handbook, and then change their View Only access to View and Edit. Don't forget to uncheck the box, then click Save.

Now that the stakeholder has access, you'll separately email them a link to your preview. Click the white Preview button in the top left of the screen, copy the URL from your browser's address bar, and send it to the stakeholder. After they sign in with their email address, they'll be taken directly to the handbook to preview it!

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