The goal of Blissbook's Documentation Center is to help you answer 3 big questions when it comes to your employees' relationships with your policies:

  1. Were they told about your policies?
  2. Did they look at them?
  3. Did they sign their acknowledgement?

Since everything centers around these 3 questions, you'll see a grid of all of your employees with the answer to each question in columns of each employee row:

There's a summary of how you're doing overall, plus ways to slice and dice that grid.

If you're missing information in a row/column, Blissbook provides a way to get what you need in one click:

This is what the Ron Swanson row looks like when you hover over it.

You can also send reminders in bulk to all employees with an outstanding task if you click the Bulk Actions menu and then choose Send Reminders.

If you want to make it really easy, you should set up Automated Reminders.

Signature Details

The cells with blue text denote a completed activity, and they are links you can click to dive in to the details. Here's Andy Dwyer's signature details:

From here, you can print all of his documentation (signatures, views, emails) in one PDF, you can print just this signature, or you can print a single policy and signature.

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