What Do The Symbols Mean?

How to interpret the grades and risk symbols in the documentation center.

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You launched your handbook and are now collecting signatures. Congratulations!

The goal of your Documentation Center is to quickly communicate whether or not you're "current" โ€“ are you doing everything you can to mitigate policy risk? The Doc Center will let you know what your risks are and give you the tools to do something about it.

The Symbols:

Here's what the symbols mean:

  • Green check: This person has signed the latest signature round.

  • Green circle: This person has viewed the handbook but has not signed; or has signed a previous signature round but not the current one (if you have multiple rounds going).

  • Orange square: This person has been told about the handbook through Blissbook but has not viewed or signed.

  • Red triangle: This person has not viewed or signed the handbook and has not been told about it through Blissbook.

Your Overall Grade is an average of all your risk symbols and works on a grading scale. An A+ means everyone has been told about, viewed, and signed your handbook.

If you don't have an A, it means you've got some work to do. For every person who does not have a Green Check, click their row and, in the details panel that opens up, click the purple 1-Click reminder/invite button next to their name. You can also send reminders in bulk via the Remind All button or make it even easier on yourself by setting up automated reminders.

Signature Due Dates

If you're using a due date on your signature round, the scoring will be slightly different:

  • Green check: No changes - the person has signed the latest signature round.

  • Green circle: This symbol will not show up.

  • Orange square: This person has not signed but it is before the due date.

  • Red triangle: This person has not signed and it is past the due date.

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