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Automated Manager Escalation
Automated Manager Escalation

Include employees' managers in your compliance process. Notify them about missing signatures, allow them to see employees' handbooks, & more

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With Automated Manager Escalation, you can partner with "the business" to complete your policy compliance work and mitigate risk. Help ensure employee compliance and help managers help themselves!

  • Managers can be CCed on Automated Reminder emails

  • Managers can be used as a filter in the documentation center to view documentation for their staff

  • Managers can view signature status for their direct reports and their direct reports and so on down the tree

  • Managers can access their staff's documents (very useful with personalized content)

  • Turn on a Manager Digest email, which is a report emailed weekly to managers containing a list of their direct reports who have yet to sign their acknowledgement (ask our support team for help setting this up)

To enable Automated Manager Escalation, use our BambooHR or Rippling employee sync integration or include employees' managers on your employee list sync file. Automated Manager Escalation features only appear if you tell Blissbook who your managers are.

Watch this video to learn more.

CC Managers on Automated Reminder Emails

When setting up your CC options, you'll see a checkbox for the recipient's manager(s). Click it and managers will be emailed a copy of the reminder.

Filter Documentation by Manager

Want to see if a particular manager's staff has signed their acknowledgements? Just type a manager's name into the filter box in your documentation center and choose the manager or press enter once he or she is found. Managers appear with a person-wearing-a-tie icon.

Manager Access to Documentation

Everyone at every level of your organization is a little bit responsible for risk mitigation. It's not just on you! With Manager Participation, your managers can view the signature status of their direct reports:

Managers can access this view by clicking the "Manager Dashboard" option from within the MENU of a published document:

There are no popups or notifications for managers so you'll need to let them know about this button if you'd like them to use it.

Manager Access to Staff Members' Handbooks

Within the manager dashboard, the manager can click the πŸ‘ view button to open and view that particular person's document.

This is especially useful if you're using our personalized content functionality to limit access to content within a document to reduce noise for employees. In this case, an employee could have access to content within their document that the manager doesn't have access to in theirs. Managers can also access their staff members' documents that they themselves do not have access to.

Weekly Digest

You can choose to send a weekly email to managers that lists their direct reports who've yet to sign their acknowledgement form. Go to the Invitations & Reminders tab of your Email Settings page (click Organization in the main nav) and look for this setting.

If you click Edit, you can customize the intro to the list in the email body, and you can also choose who shows up on the list:

  • People whose signature is past due or will be within the next week

  • People whose signature is past due

  • People who have yet to sign and were invited to do so at least a week ago

More to Come!

If you have any suggestions for how we can use manager hierarchy to improve the employee handbook experience, please let us know!

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