As you make updates to your handbook, you may want to communicate said updates with employees. There are many specific reasons for this but, in general, it helps you protect your company and show employees that they're valued.

Blissbook has 2 main features that allow you to communicate changes.

1) Email

Every time you publish an update to your handbook, you have the ability to send a notification email to various groups of people.

Read more about sending notification emails!

2) In-App Annotations

Annotations are notes attached to a version of a section of a handbook, which means you can communicate changes made to your content. They can be created for viewers/signers of your handbook (employees) or for other editors.

Employees see annotations when they view a handbook alongside the changed content. It's personalized in that they'll only see new annotations since the last time they viewed the handbook.

Employees also see annotations when it's time to sign a handbook. This is especially helpful when they're signing for a second (or third, etc.) time, as they can quickly review what has changed since the last time they signed.

Read more about how to create annotations, what employees will see, and more!

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