There are several times within the lifecycle of a handbook that you'll need to communicate with your handbook's audience. Here's how notification emails work within Blissbook.

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When You Launch

When you're preparing to launch a handbook, you have the ability to set up a notification email:

You can customize the email's subject and body by clicking the blue Customize link.

When You Update

Whether you're using Blissbook's annotations feature or not, you may want to send an email out when you update a handbook. There's a step for this in the publishing workflow, and you can send a different email to people who have to view or still need to sign.

If you are using annotations, tell employees about them! Here's a template:

When you open the Employee Handbook, you'll be guided through all the major updates so you can quickly understand what's changed.

Manual Reminders

You can send manual reminders from your documentation center to invite people to view or sign your handbook, resend an invitation, or send a reminder that they need to sign.

You can also send reminders out in bulk to everyone that still has a to-do (view or sign) via the Remind All button:

The content used for these reminders is stored in a template that you can edit. Read all about email templates here.

Automated Reminders

Want to automate your signature reminders?

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