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Documentation Center Overview

The doc center - your home to report on electronic signatures. Acknowledgments. Documentation. Reports.

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The goal of Blissbook's Documentation Center is to help you answer 3 big questions when it comes to your audience members' (aka employees') relationships with your policies:

  1. Were they told about your policies?

  2. Did they look at them?

  3. Did they sign their acknowledgement?

Since everything centers around these 3 questions, you'll see a grid of all audience members with the answers in each row, and you can click someone's row for more details:

There's a summary of how you're doing overall, plus ways to slice and dice that grid.

If you're missing documentation for someone (e.g. they haven't viewed/signed), Blissbook will help get it. Click that person's row to open their details panel, and look for the 1-Click button next to their name:

You can also send reminders in bulk to all audience members with an outstanding task. Click the Remind All button and then confirm in the drawer that opens.

If you want to make it really easy, set up Automated Reminders.


You can drill into the details of any audience member's documentation. Here's Andy Dwyer's:

From here, you can view, export, or print all kinds of things:

  • print all of Andy's documentation (signatures + views + emails) in a single PDF

  • view the exact content that Andy could see when he signed

  • print the exact content that Andy could see when he signed, plus his signature

  • print a single policy Andy could see when he signed, plus his signature

  • view all the times Andy viewed the Employee Handbook

Is there some other type of documentation you need to pull? Let us know.

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