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Embed a PDF in your handbook or document. Upload a PDF in your handbook or document.

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If you have a form, questionnaire, survey, detailed information, or another PDF that you'd like to include in your handbook, you have a few options:

  1. Link to an external document stored on your cloud hosting service of choice

  2. Upload the document to Blissbook and embed it

  3. Upload the document to Blissbook and link to it

1) Link to an External Document

The advantage to this option is that you can update your document anytime, and as long as the link remains the same, you do not need to publish your Blissbook document/handbook in order for the new version of the document to be shown when a user clicks the link. Here's how it works:

  • Upload your PDF to Dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box.com, or other cloud storage service of choice.

  • Create a link to the file within your cloud storage service of choice that anyone can use to access it.

  • Copy the link.

  • Create a new link in Blissbook and paste the link to the file as the URL.

2) Upload to Blissbook and Embed

Embedded PDFs work like images. You can resize them, pull them left or right so text flows around them, etc. They are scrollable and include a button users can click to fully open the PDF in a new browser tab, where it can be downloaded or printed:

Your first step is to put your cursor in the section where you want the PDF to appear.

Next, upload your PDF by clicking the Insert PDF button in the toolbar:

A drawer will open on the right. To upload your PDF, either drag and drop it into the drawer or click the Upload button at the top where you can select it from your file system.

Once that's done, click the Select PDF button at the bottom of the drawer.

The PDF will show up full-width by default. If you want text to wrap around the PDF, hover your mouse over it and click the Pull Left or Pull Right buttons (just like an image). You'll need to resize the PDF to be smaller to see text flow around it. See the screenshot above for details.

If your PDF changes in the future, you will need to replace your file with the new one. Hover over the PDF, click Replace PDF, upload your new file, then click Select PDF. You'll need to publish the document for your change to be reflected in the LIVE version.

Note: The title of the PDF displayed in the embed is pulled from the Title field of the PDF file's properties, not from any content that's within the PDF. To view/edit this Title field, open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat and go to File > Properties.

3) Upload to Blissbook and Link to It

If you want to upload your file to Blissbook, but would prefer to link to it rather than embed it, we got you covered!

Follow the steps in scenario #2 above, but stop after you upload your file. Instead of clicking Select PDF, highlight and copy the ID of the PDF you uploaded.

Once you have the ID copied, click cancel in the top right corner.

Then, create a new link and for the URL enter /pdfs/99999.pdf, replacing "99999" with the ID you just copied. That's it!

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