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Launching Your Handbook
How do I roll out my new Handbook?
How do I roll out my new Handbook?

Tell your employees they have a new handbook! Roll out handbook. Inform employees.

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The easiest way to let your employees know they have a new handbook is to send an email notification when you launch. Your launch checklist will give you this option. To learn more about email notifications click HERE.

Remember, there is no account for employees to create - instead you will have done that by uploading your employee list. You are able to adjust your settings for Single Sign On (SSO) or employees can request a link. To learn more about SSO please click HERE.

Once you launch, your Handbook, Guide, or whatever you call it will be accessible as a website (how to figure out the link), and from there you can create and easily share one or multiple links to your handbooks/documents on your intranet, in slack, or wherever you share links with employees.

No matter how you do your rollout, you have choices! Our customers have printed posters with QR codes on them (google "QR code generator"), announced handbooks in town hall style meetings or newsletters, and posted on the homepage of their company intranet. We suggest hiring one of those airplanes with the banners flying behind them to fly over your office... it's up to you!

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