Integrating with Workday is pretty straightforward!

You use their EIB tool to generate a CSV employee list report and transfer it to Blissbook automatically on a schedule via SFTP.

1) Your first step is to create your employee list file as a report in Workday. Follow this help article (it includes templates) to do so. Please read the article thoroughly; it will answer 99% of the questions you may have.

IT and HR may need to collaborate with each other while creating the file so that it has all the information needed to enable all the features that HR needs. See the above help article for your options.

2) Next, you'll turn on SFTP sync in Blissbook to get your SFTP credentials that you'll need to enter into Workday.

3) Last, use Workday's EIB tool to automatically generate the report you created in step 1 and send it to Blissbook via SFTP using the credentials you created in step 2. If you need help with Workday's EIB tool, please contact your Workday rep or their support team / documentation.

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