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A group is like a label or a tag for a person in your organization that provides meta data about that person. It is typically demographic information. Some common examples:

  • work location (state, county, country)

  • whether someone is paid salary or hourly

  • overtime status like exempt or non-exempt

  • employment status like full-time, part-time, temp, or intern

  • whether someone is an employee or contractor

  • an isManager flag

  • any custom code you use to classify people

If you have a document with content that only applies to specific subsets of your audience or employees, you can use groups to limit access to that content. This is Blissbook's personalized content functionality. It's one of the ways we help you reduce noise for those reading your documents.

Groups can also be used as filters in your doc center or org member list to filter the list of employees. This can be helpful to find a specific person or to generate a screenshot or report for someone.

There is no limit on the amount of groups you have or the text you use within them. However, the best practice is to only create the groups you'll actually need. This reduces noise for you too!

Set Up Groups

There are 3 ways to add/assign or remove people to/from groups:

1) One-by-one in someone's person details panel: Click EMPLOYEES in the side nav, click the person's row to show their details, then click the pencil icon that shows up when you hover over GROUPS. Click the + and start typing to assign an existing group or to create a new one. Click a group to remove someone from it. Click the Save button to save your changes.

2) Add groups to your employee list sync file and import them all together. Your employee list sync will sync whatever is in Blissbook with whatever is on your file. People will be re-assigned to the groups on your file if there are differences, new groups will be created as needed, and unused groups will be archived.

3) Set up an employee sync with your HRIS platform and choose the groups to sync over.

Edit Groups

If you're syncing an employee list manually or are editing your org members manually, you can edit your groups right in Blissbook. Click EMPLOYEES in the side nav, then on your employee list tab that opens, click the Groups dropdown next to the search/filter box above the grid of people, then hover over a group and click the edit button:

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