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Set the Language of Sections within a Document
Set the Language of Sections within a Document

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Blissbook has multiple options for how to handle multi-language documents. If you decide to set the language of individual chapters/sections within a single document, here's how.

Setting the Language

On a Chapter

To set the language for an entire chapter (Header Section + Text Sections), click the Chapter Header section's • • • menu and choose "Language":

A drawer modal will appear on the right where you can choose the language:

The language for all child Text sections within the chapter will inherit the language settings of the parent Chapter Header section.

If you click the three dots of a child section, you'll see the language option is disabled:

On a Hero, List, Letter, or free-standing Text Sections

This works in essentially the same manner. Click those three dots • • • and choose your language.

For Document Viewers (e.g. your employees):

It's simple for viewers to switch the language of a document with multiple languages present. Next to the search bar is a language dropdown:

Click the language to view a list of available languages to toggle between:

When the viewer switches the language, Blissbook will show only the sections that have been set to that language. Blissbook's interface will also change to the selected language.

Note on Acknowledgement Forms

One thing to know and remember is that our Acknowledgement and Help sections do not (yet) have a language setting. For the Acknowledgment, you can use block-level personalized content to show other-language text to certain groups or simply repeat your form text in all language variants. When someone signs an acknowledgement, Blissbook records which language they were vieweing the document in. This information will displayed be in the Doc Center.

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