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Handbook / document links/URLs
Handbook / document links/URLs

Wondering what the link is for your handbook or document?

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Is your handbook / document launched and "Live"?

Hover over your document on your HOME page or DOCUMENT LIBRARY, click the green down arrow next to the green View button, then choose Links:

This will open a drawer on the right side of the screen, where it will list the links to your document. Here's what the drawer looks like:

What do these links mean?

Exact URL: This is the link to this exact document. It will always take people right to this specific document.

Root Domain URL: This is the root domain for your organization. Users who can access only one handbook/document who use this link will be routed to view that one document. Users with access to multiple documents who use this link will be routed to the Audience Dashboard.

"Public" Link: For more information, check out the "Private URL" section of this help article.

Note: If you have custom domains set up, you'll see links for each of the above categories for your custom domain as well. When you have a custom domain set up, the * AND your custom domain links will both work.

Haven't yet launched your handbook / document?

Open the "Links" task in your launch checklist. It'll show what your links will be once you launch. These links will not work for employees or non-editor users until after you launch the document.

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