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BambooHR Troubleshooting

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Invalid Account - Can't Connect to BambooHR

If you're trying to set up your Blissbook / BambooHR sync and Blissbook is giving you an Invalid Account error, here's what to do:

1) Check the accuracy of your account and login information. Are you entering your email address into the wrong field? Are you adding in the account box even though it's already assumed? If you think you have it right, #2 below doesn't apply, and you aren't sure what's going on, send a screenshot of the page/drawer with the error to our support team.

2) Does your organization force users to sign in to BambooHR with their Okta SSO account? If so, you'll see this error because Blissbook is trying to sign in with BambooHR credentials, not Okta credentials. You have 2 options to work around this:

  1. Talk to IT and ask them to temporarily disable forcing users through Okta for BambooHR sign-ins. When it's off, try again in Blissbook and then once your BambooHR integration is set up, tell IT to turn Okta-only sign-ins back on.

  2. Manually go into your BambooHR account, copy your API key (ask BambooHR for help if you need it), and send it to through secure email or through another channel that allows you to send sensitive information securely. Our tech team will manually enter your API key behind the scenes and will get you set up.

Employee Won't Sync as Expected

If a new employee isn't syncing from BambooHR to Blissbook this could be for a couple of reasons.

1) If multiple people won't sync, only partial data is being synced, or the data looks "weird", it's likely your BambooHR sync setup is done incorrectly. You can read up on the initial BambooHR User Sync Integration here. The most common issue here is that the role you set up for the non-employee user account you're using for Blissbook is missing a permission.

2) The absence of an email address or an incorrect email address. For an employee to be properly synced over from BambooHR, they must have a valid work email address.

3) If you set Blissbook up to sync employees on their hire date (instead of when they're added to BambooHR with a valid work email), their hire date must be the current day or earlier. If this date is "null" or is in the future, the person won't sync. To see if you have Blissbook setup to work this way, click EMPLOYEES in the side nav, click the "Employee List Sync" tab, then click on the "Update" button next to HRIS sync.

If you've checked all three things (set up, email address, and hire date) and none of these items are the issue - let us know and we'll look into it. If you DID find the issue - Congratulations! You're a true Sherlock Holmes!

Error - Could Not Export People

If you see a "Could not export people" error at the bottom left side of your HOME page, follow these steps.

This error occurs because the user used to install the BambooHR integration in Blissbook is no longer an active user in your BambooHR account. Once this user is deactivated in BambooHR, their credentials are no longer usable by Blissbook to pull data out of your BambooHR account. Typically your organization’s HR leader set up the integration using their own credentials instead of a non-employee admin user as described in our instructions.

You can see who set up the integration within the BambooHR sync panel. To get there, click EMPLOYEES in the side nav. You’ll start off in the Employee List tab. Switch to the EMPLOYEE LIST SYNC tab and once there, click the Update button beside HRIS integration.

You will see an “Installed by:” field that has the BambooHR User ID of the person who installed it. This is the user in BambooHR whose credentials Blissbook is trying to use to pull data from BambooHR. It’s likely this person has left your organization or has had their permissions in BambooHR downgraded where they no longer have access to the data Blissbook needs.

To resolve the error, you must uninstall the integration and reinstall it. This will not remove your existing employees from Blissbook.

To uninstall, click the red “Uninstall BambooHR” link as pictured in the above screenshot. Take note (or a screenshot) of your groups to be synced into Blissbook and your sync timing so you can set your new integration up the same way.

To reinstall, follow the process found in the BambooHR User Sync Integration article. You can use your new HR leader’s credentials or, if you want to future-proof your integration, follow all of the steps in the instructions to create and use a non-employee user account.

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