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BambooHR User Sync Integration
BambooHR User Sync Integration

Set up a BambooHR integration to sync your employees into Blissbook

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Our BambooHR Sync Integration will turn the employees in your BambooHR account into Org Members within your Blissbook account, then keep said Org Members in sync with BambooHR on a nightly basis.

For an employee to be properly synced over from BambooHR, they must have a valid work email address. Also, if you set Blissbook to sync employees on their hire date, their hire date must be the current day or earlier. See section 4 at the bottom of this guide for more details.

If any of the screenshots below don’t match what you’re seeing, please contact support.


You’re going to follow a 3 step process:

  1. Create a new access level in BambooHR

  2. Create a new non-employee BambooHR user with that access level

  3. Give Blissbook the information it needs to fetch that API key

You're doing steps 1 & 2 because you might leave your company some day and this prevents everything from breaking when you leave. If you’re never going to leave your company, you can skip right to step 3.

Pay attention to the pink boxes in the screenshots below!

1. Create a new Custom Access Level

You'll be giving your new user this access level. After you sign in to BambooHR, click Settings in the top right:

Then click Access Levels in the gray left menu [1], then the +/lock icon next to “Levels” [2], then Custom Access Level [3]:

Name your new access level:

Skip this step by clicking Next Step (Blissbook does not need edit access to anything):

Give Blissbook View Only access to all Personal data [1], then click Job [2]:

Grant Blissbook View Only access to Hire Date [1], Original Hire Date [2], Employment Status [3], Job Information [4], Compensation [* Optional, see below], then click Save and Finish [5]:

* Optional

If you want to use Overtime Status (Exempt / Non-Exempt) and/or Pay type (Salary / Hourly / Commission Only) to limit access to content or to filter people in your doc center or on your org members page, you must expand the "Compensation" category and set Overtime Status and Pay type to View Only:

2. Create a New Non-Employee User

Next we will add a non-employee user using the access level you just created (Blissbook).

Enter a name and email address you will remember [1, 2, 3], choose the “Blissbook” Access Level that you just created [4, 5], and click Save [6].

Special Email Address Note:

You must be able to receive email at the email address you use so you can set your password.

You cannot use an existing employee email address (including yours).

Some email servers (gmail is one) allow you to add a “+” and a string of characters to your current email address to create an alias… such as:

Other options:

  • Use a group email address like

  • Have your IT dept. create a new email address for you

  • Create a free gmail/yahoo/etc. account

  • If all else fails, contact us for help at

Write down this email address!

Within a few minutes, you will receive an email that looks like this. Click the Choose Your Password link:

When the page loads, choose your password and don’t forget to write it down!

3. Enable Your Integration in Blissbook

Go to the Employee List Sync tab of your Organization page in Blissbook (click EMPLOYEES in the side nav, then choose the EMPLOYEE LIST SYNC tab) and click the Connect button next to "Via a BambooHR Integration".

Enter your account subdomain and the Login Information using the non-employee BambooHR user you created in step 1, then click the Install BambooHR button.

Note: If you are getting an Invalid Account error on this page, please see our BambooHR troubleshooting help article.

4. Bonus Round: Customize Your Sync

Once you're set up, you can adjust 2 settings:

  1. Choose which fields to sync over as Groups. You can use Groups to personalize the content that users see.

  2. The timing of when Blissbook will sync users. Choose either (A) when someone has a valid account in BambooHR (with a work email address) or (B) only people with a today-or-earlier hire date (e.g. ignore people with a future hire date).

5. Eat a whole box of cookies because you’re done!

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