With any integration there can be problems. We're here to help! If a new employee isn't syncing from BambooHR to Blissbook this could be for a couple of reasons.

First, be sure your set up is done correctly. You can read up on the initial BambooHR User Sync Integration here.

Second, the most common issue is the absence of and email address or an incorrect email address. For an employee to be properly synced over from BambooHR, they must have a valid work email address.

Lastly, if you set up Blissbook to sync employees on their hire date, their hire date must be the current day or earlier. If this date isn't correct, it won't sync. To see if you have it set up this way go to the "Organization" tab and the "Sync" subtab. Click on the "Update" button to see those settings.

If you've checked all three things: Set Up, Email address and Hire date and none of these items are the issue - let us know and we'll look into it. If you DID find the issue - Congratulations! You're a true Sherlock Holmes!

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