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Build Your Handbook

Create an Audience for Your Handbook and Make it Easy to Access

  • Add IT teammates as Admins in Blissbook: Click the • • • menu in the very top right corner of Blissbook, choose People, click the Add People button, then add teammates and make sure you choose Yes in the Admin dropdown.
  • Add your organization's employees to Blissbook by importing an employee list.
  • (optional) Automatically keep your employee list up-to-date by setting up an automated sync. Note: This is really simple for BambooHR users.
  • Organization Sharing is turned on for your handbook (or you never turned it off). To check this, go to the Sharing tab of your handbook and look for "Members of {Your Organization Name}" under in the Content Access section.
  • (optional) Use groups to create personalized content for employees.
  • (optional) Set up an easy-to-remember custom domain (e.g.
  • (optional) Set up Single Sign-On.
  • (optional) Improve email deliverability by setting up a whitelist for Blissbook. This is important if you’re using Proofpoint or Mimecast.

Optimize Your Future Communications

  • When you publish your handbook, you'll be able to send a notification email to employees. You can customize the subject and message of that email. Unfortunately you can't yet write & save this customization in Blissbook ahead of time. It needs to be entered during the publishing process. You can write that content outside of Blissbook so that it's ready to go when you're ready to publish. To see what's there by default (and to use as a template for you to write your own), click the "Publish..." button in the handbook editor (top left), go through to the Notifications step, and then click the Customize Email link. When you're done, click the Cancel & Exit button in the top right corner.
  • Your email design matches your brand and you sent yourself a test email to make sure everything looks how you want it to look.
  • Customize the name and reply-to email for emails sent to employees by Blissbook: Click the • • • menu in the very top right corner of Blissbook, choose Emails, then click Settings on the left menu.
  • After you launch, when your organization's employee list is updated (if you upload a CSV file or you set up an automated sync), you may have new employees come in. You can automatically send those employees an invitation to view and/or sign their handbook: Click the • • • menu in the very top right corner of Blissbook, choose Emails, click Automation on the left menu, then ensure the checkbox under Invitations is checked.
  • (optional) The content in this invitation email (see previous bullet) is based on a template you can customize. Here's how to modify your email templates.
  • (optional) If you're collecting electronic acknowledgement signatures, chances are your employees won't sign right away and will need to be reminded to do so. Blissbook to the rescue! Set up automated reminders

OK, You're Ready, Now What?

  • Click that "Publish..." button in the top left corner of the editor.
  • Choose whether or not to collect signatures.
  • Choose whether or not to notify employees.
  • If you choose to notify employees, don't forget to customize your message by clicking the Customize link.
  • Does everything look right on the confirmation page? If the numbers or anything else looks off, your sharing may not be set up correctly; contact us for help. If it does look right...
  • Click that Publish button!
  • Now what?

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